PSY 211
Introduction/Historical Overview
Math Review
Research Methods
APA Style
Visual Displays
Introduction to Descriptive Statistics
Measures of Central Tendency
Introduction to Variability
Measures of Dispersion: Sample and Population
Properties of the Normal Curve
Introduction to Inferential Statistics
Hypothesis Testing
An alphabetized list of statisticians including pictures of each and a short synopsis of the individual's life and work
Not much information but it does have a nice FAQs section.
A copy of the American Psychological Association Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
Not a high-tech site, but does a simple review. Especially good for those students having trouble remembering how to work with fractions and decimals.
Statistics at PSU
A review of many graphing options for visually displaying data.
If you learn best in narrative form, this is a great review for you.
A step-by-step explanation that allows you to work some problems and check your answers.
Homepage for the American Statistical Association
A little high-tech (uses a PowerPoint format)--not for those students whose computers do not support graphics well.
If you are a visual learner, this site will allow you to see the normal distribution for any values which you plug in.
There is only one example, but it is very clear.
A very short site, but these pages clearly explain what variability is and why it is necessary.
This progress-at-your-own-pace tutorial of probability is low-tech, but highly educational.
An online statistics text for beginning Stats students.
Describes the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics
A series of articles and demonstrations of hypothesis testing
A site to help you with different t-tests:
Interpretation Articles
A short article on interpreting a correlation coefficient
This site will let you try your hand at calculating a Pearson's r.
A few links to help you with APA Style
A links list for numerous topics concerning research methods, ethics, and statistics