Writing Intensive Requirement
PSY 211 has been designated a "Writing Intensive" course by the University of Tampa. In order to meet these requirements, there will be several writing exercises to be completed. More detail is given below.

Written Assignments: The Research Paper
To truly understand psychology, you need to appreciate that psychology is a science. Its' theories are developed through research; hence, it is a constantly evolving field. You may be especially interested in psychological disorders, but you should understand that there are other subject areas in psychology (i.e. human development, cognition, social). What all these areas have in common is the use of statistical analysis and research methods. No matter what area of psychology is of interest to you, you will need a firm grasp of this material to understand the research in your chosen field and to contribute to the development of your field.

Psychological writing is a unique writing style. Critical thinking skills and the ability to translate your thoughts and actions into exact words takes patience and practice. Writing in APA style and communicating what psychologists expect in a research report may constitute a different form of writing than you have previously encountered. To begin learning to write like a psychologist, we will work on writing a research paper throughout the semester. This paper will be based on the experimental research design (which you will learn in class). You will complete the activity on which the paper will be based in the early part of the semester.

Each student will be writing a paper based on the same class activity, but this is NOT a group project. Each student is expected to hand in individual and unique papers. Academic dishonesty is to avoided at all costs! Be sure that your work is your own! Violations of academic integrity will be treated very seriously. Please read the plagiarism statement in this syllabus carefully.

We will discuss each part of the research paper in detail during lecture. The research paper assignment is divided as follows:

Part 1: Introduction
You will complete a full introduction in which you include all of the major components of an Introduction section, including a complete hypothesis. You will need to go to the library to use the articles that are on reserve for the Statistics classes to write your Intro.

Part 2: Method
For this section, you will use the class data, produce the analyses, and report them appropriately.

Part 3: Results and Discussion
The Results section will include a report of the hypothesis testing results. The Discussion section will place your results in context with other research and speculate on additional development of the project. As a part of this assignment, students will need to go to the library and find one new article (that has been published no later than 1999) on our paper's topic. You will then be able to add at least one new idea for further investigation in your discussion section. You will need to include a copy of the article you selected and read when you turn in Part Three.

Part 4: Revisions of all previous parts, References, and Abstract
This assignment involves revisions of all previous assignments and writing the Reference list and Abstract. Do not forget that references should have already been cited within the body of each of the preceding sections.

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