You have all the information you need to complete the assignments in your syllabus. Located here are some additional links to assist you in better preparing your assignments, such as how to find a mentor. Contact me for more information, if you have further concerns.
INP Assignments
This is a great article (called The Value of a Mentor), with good tips on how to select one:
This site was written for mentors. Keep in mind that the person you select may not have ever been a mentor before. Your preparation will be a big help to them in knowing what to do during the sessions. Use this list to "reverse prepare" for your mentor, so you have a productive session together.
This website gives an explanation of how to write a reflective journal (rather than a "diary type journal"). Although I will not be using the grading scale given in this article, it is a good one, and it gives an example of how other schools view journaling in academics: