Assignments are worth 70% of the final grade and, therefore, should be treated as seriously as any other college-level paper. Please re-read the following explanations (from the syllabus) regarding each assignment. Presentations and in-class participation exercises cannot be made up.  Please plan to attend all of the classes necessary to achieve the grade you seek.

Each assignment is carefully chosen to help you gain the skills necessary to successfully survive the college experience. It is my expectation that each student will take their assignments seriously, completing them to the best of their ability. Assignments which are done carelessly, illegibly, without thought, or without effort will not be graded and a failing grade will be given. Please take pride in your work and demonstrate your commitment to obtaining a college degree by performing work at the college-level.

--Notebooks: Students will be required to purchase a three-ring binder with 6 dividers, which will allow you to insert assignments/handouts given out in class each week. The syllabus should be secured in front of the first week's divider. Class notes, returned quizzes, and handouts should be secured in the appropriate section of the week they were received. See the course schedule for the days that the notebook will be checked.

--Journaling: Students are required to journal for each chapter in their textbook. Journal topics are found in the text of each chapter. Be sure to complete ALL of the journal questions assigned for each chapter. Type your answers on a blank sheet of paper and place your journal entries in the appropriate week's divided section in your notebook. See the course schedule for the days that the journal entries will be checked. Handwritten journal entries will not be graded.

--Note-taking: An important part of college survival is adequate and relevant note-taking. As part of this class, students are required to take notes on lectures. These notes will be graded on several criteria: Did the student take notes on the entire class or were there large gaps in lecture for which the student has no information? Does the student has orderly notes which clearly explain topics or were there only half-phrases and single words strewn on the paper which would not aid the student in their studies? Finally, as the class progresses, is the student utilizing the comments made on prior sets of notes to better their note-taking skills or does the student's third set of notes look exactly like their first set? Notes should be secured in the appropriate section of the notebook for the week they were taken. See the course schedule for the days that the notes will be checked.

--Other assignments, as given for homework or part of in-class work, will be given as needed to complete the student's experience and education. These assignments should also be placed in the notebook.

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